You Are Not Too Old

You Are Not Too Old

You Are Not Too Old

YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD and It does NOT have to be “harder” as you age. Not Fat Loss, making more more money, starting a new business, finding that soul mate, ANY goal you are after. Stop saying “I am too old.”

Here is what IS happening and why your goals feel “harder” and like it’s “too late”

1. You stopped progressing. Yup. You stopped. For example with fat loss, you do the same workout you did 20 years ago and wonder why they aren’t working anymore. You HAVE to “progress” and change it up! Challenge yourself! It doesn’t have to be a long workout either! With your careeer or business advancement it’s the same thing! You STOPPED PROGRESSING. You got set in your ways and decided you don’t want to learn that new skill set or new “platform” because it feels like work.

2. You believe aging is a certain way- (self imposed stop) well it doesn’t HAVE to be. Find role models your age and older and make that the new “norm” there are people your age winning at the goals you want! Many STARTED their new path in theirs 40’s, 50’s and beyond!

3. You believe what your doctor, your friend, or the article you read told you. And it’s become a false assume truth that you have bought into. What you believe you create.

4. Negative Validation everywhere – friends, media, etc… telling us aging is bad and that it’s too late! It’s not! So Stop it! Just stop it. Find the RIGHT supportive mentors, coaches and groups. Do not look for validation of this. Find validation and proof of the opposite.

5. You give up too easily bc of a self imposed stop. You believe it’s harder to learn the new skill, take the new actions and take a risk and so it becomes harder. If you believe it’s harder it WILL BE.

You are NOT too old and it is NOT too late.

I see you and your potential. I want YOU to see you! Try this on. You have nothing to lose except the old beliefs that are NOT serving you! I will not validate those beliefs as they will not make you better.

  • Start that business
  • Lose that weight
  • Write that book
  • Create that relationship
  • Earn that income
  • Learn that skill!



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