The Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Your Kitchen

The Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Your Kitchen

It’s fun to go out to eat but there’s really nothing like making your own meals. You get lost in the process and if you get into the swing of things, you can end up making meals that are better than whatever exists out there. Healthier too. And anyone that likes to make their own meals at home, knows that you need to have the right gear to make meal prep go as smooth as possible. One such piece of gear being an electric knife sharpener.

Why should you have an electric knife sharpener in your kitchen? It’s quite simple really. You need to make sure your knives are always as sharp as possible. Because if those bad boys get real dull, you can have a hard go at it when you prep your meals. Even eating your meals, if you prepare something that you need to cut as you go like a good ole steak.

Having an electric knife sharpener in your life can make things so much easier on you. For one, they are easy to use. It’s not like you gotta get a wet stone to get the knife sharp like a survivalist out in the woods. They also tend to be mighty effective, leaving your knives with a professional quality edge. The kind of sharpness that’ll make any meal prep go as smooth as you could hope for.

With a sharper edge that these electric knife sharpeners can provide, you will just have better food. You’ll be able to cut the ingredients down to smaller sizes, hitting those recipe specifics easier. You can enjoy your meals more without having to put some real elbow grease into cutting your meal for consumption. And if you’re feeling like the knife is sharp, you don’t need to leave the house. Toss it into the machine and get that professional work done fast.

What To Look For When Buying An Electric Knife Sharpener

When you go looking for an electric knife sharpener, there are some elements you need to take into account. For one, you want to see what kind of material is used in the sharpener that gets those knives ready for business. Diamonds and ceramic are the most commonly used, as they are incredibly hard and easily get those knife edges sharpened. Sapphire is good too but you’ll mainly want to aim for Diamond or ceramic.

You also want to choose between a 2 or 3 stage sharpener. 2 stage is good for getting those edges sharp, but 3 stage is more elaborate and polishes those knives, really honing them into a super-precise instrument.

Angle of the sharpener is important too because different knives need different angles to get properly honed. European knives need a 20-degree bevel level whereas Japanese-style knives 15 degrees. Using the wrong knife on the wrong bevel level just leads to broken knives.

There’s also the element of finding out if the sharpener can work on serrated knives. And they can if you find the right one. Which we certainly did, as can be found below.

For anyone looking to pick up one for their kitchens, you need to scroll on down to see the 5 choices we picked for the best electric knife sharpeners around. All picked for different reasons and all of which will improve the efficacy of your workflow in the kitchen.


The Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Your Kitchen

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