The Best Cycling Jerseys to Keep You Riding All Year Long

The Best Cycling Jerseys to Keep You Riding All Year Long

When most people think about getting serious about cycling—whether it’s road riding or tackling trails—their first thought is, “I need a new bike.” While your set of wheels is certainly important, the clothes you wear have a big affect on your performance in the saddle, too. It’s not just about looking the part. If you want to push yourself, it’s a good idea to invest in some proper cycling jerseys.

Jerseys—and the bib shorts that go along with them—are specifically designed for superior comfort and aerodynamics while riding. A normal athletic shirt will feel baggy and create drag when you’re in the riding position, and you definitely don’t want anything slowing you down. Cycling jerseys are also designed to keep you cool as you ride (or keep you warm in cold weather).

Features to Look For on Cycling Jerseys

Features to consider include fit, number of pockets, and material. Some jerseys are made with fabric that locks in warmth on cold days (like merino wool), while others have mesh panels to increase air circulation in the hotter months. It’s also a good idea to consider the type of riding you’ll be doing in the jersey. For bikepacking, more pockets might come in handy. For road riding, you might prefer a sleeker, aerodynamic cut. And for mountain biking, look for jerseys with reinforced material that won’t tear when you take a tumble or whiz by brambles.

Whether you’re picking out your first jersey or you’ve got a drawer full of them, we’ve got you covered. From insulating tops for cold weather to ultralight layers, we scoured the internet to find some of the best cycling jerseys, including offerings from well-known brands like MAAP and Rapha and lesser-known gems like Ornot and Ostroy.

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