International Health Insurance Protection

Frazier Healthcare Companions (“Frazier”) at this time introduced the launch of Lengo Therapeutics, Inc. That’s the reason a government run healthcare system won’t work. Every government company on the market complains that their bills are going up and so they battle for a bigger slice of the pie. Heck the government hasn’t saved its fingers out of the Social Security till, it’s going to be bankrupt by 2017 or so. All of the Social Security Trust Fund has in it are IOU’s from the government. Do you actually assume they will honor these? What makes you suppose, given that little reality, that the federal government is going to maintain their fingers out of the healthcare till. They’re going to use it just like they’ve carried out each pool of money they’ve gotten their fingers on from the income tax to Social Security, specifically to purchase votes. 4 Chinese language vaccine … Read more

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