My Big Secret

My Big Secret

My Big Secret

I kept a huge embarrassing secret: I was FAILING big time at my business a few years ago. From the outside you would have never know that but from the inside, I worked for even less than free for 2.5 years. Yup, It COST me (a lot) of time and money to run my business, I wasn’t making a dime of profit.

I was spending way more than I was earning on the WRONG people, the wrong help and it would crush me. Anyone that questioned my program fees at that time I’d want to scream at them “do you work for free?” Most people don’t. I was operating from stress and scarcity and it wasn’t working.

Why am I sharing this? Because at that time, from the outside my business was crushing it. I had the customers, the audience, but, I was not even close to profitable and I was losing money each week.

It didn’t start that way, the first many years were profitable but then it tanked. Not because my programs weren’t nailing it (they were) but bc I did not know how to “run” a business and I was making one bad decision after the next. Have you ever been there?

I was great at GENERATING ideas and Income but not RUNNING A business or making it profitable or scalable. Managing people? Nope. Hiring well? Nope. Delegating the right things? Nope. Looking at P&L reports? Uhhh big nope! That was all hugely in my gap and it was embarrassing.

Marketers love to talk about how much money they make but they never share their PROFIT and their LOSSES & there is so much smoke and mirrors.

I had to finally face the music or lose everything. I had to clean house first (bye bye expenses that don’t have an ROI), dive in and learn a good system that my adhd creative mind could thrive in.

That’s when I started paying attention to what actually worked….. my DVA (Discover Vision Action) method was born. It brought my business to a whole new level and has helped countless of my one on one clients so the same!

Many of you have asked for me advice on building a brand, monetizing it, attracting brand deals, the perfect client avatar and selling…

I’m sharing it ALL with 30 of you that want to go through this ten week process with me! Interested? Go HERE!


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