How Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Stays at the Top of His Game

How Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Stays at the Top of His Game

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has clinched a playoff berth in eight of his 12 seasons—and he’s not even the most competitive member of the family. — as told to Charles Thorp

My dad took a defensive coordinating job at Stanford in 1980, and I would go there after my summer job got out. I would play corner, trying to cover studs like Kenny Margerum while John Elway was throwing. I love training with the team to this day—I would say I’m even better than some of them at the bodyweight training. The strength coaches like to use it as a motivator for the players: “Head coach was able to do 12 rounds of this!”

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Keeping Up With the Mrs.

The greatest resource for staying healthy is my wife, Ingrid. She’s one of the fittest and toughest people I know. She studied physiology and, when our family works out together, she builds the routines. I can honestly say they’re some of the most challenging sessions I’ve ever done.

Head in the Game

I try to get 45 minutes of quiet to myself at the beginning of the day, studying scripture, reading, and writing. I jot down my frustrations of the week and think on them. It helps me tremendously, both mentally and spiritually.

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New Wheels

I’ve had several knee surgeries since high school. One year, I tore my knee coaching the punting team under Andy Reid, and I showed up for the game the very next day. Last year reached a critical mass. I couldn’t sleep, join the team for intervals, or run to the other side of the field to call a timeout. Getting the knee replacement has been a game changer. The rehab was hard, but I’m excited to be back on the field with my players. That’s where I belong.

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