Expanding YOUR brand

Expanding YOUR brand

Ready to help you expand YOUR brand

I’ve shared a LOT on social over the last decade, but… you likely don’t know these things about ME (yet)

1. My career for 20 YEARS before I started Natalie Jill Fitness was is SALES (sales, then sales director then sales trainer!) I had that whole career BEFORE becoming a licensed master sports nutritionist. If you ask anyone who knows me personally what my gift is, they will tell you SALES and branding.

2. As much as I speak into personal development and mindset and visualization NOW, I thought it was “dumb” for years before realizing how much it’s needed and has changed my perspective and life! It’s now such an incredible part of what makes my fat loss programs and business/branding clients so successful. I’ve learned that those who think it’s dumb (like I once did) need it the most!

3. I was a terrible student in school! Diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADHD and more. Teachers were so hard on me telling me I’d never amount to anything .I never listened to them and instead created my own reality. I’m a fantastic student now.

4. I am a tremendous “quick start” personality. Meaning I make decisions QUICK and act on ideas QUICKER! That’s served me well in a lot of areas of my life but in business it has hurt me before. Badly! I learned NOW how to create processes and systems and hire the right support.

5. I kinda have a woo woo side. I’ve sat with shamans in ceremonies, I love crystals ,healers, energy workers and light workers. I have not worn a tinfoil hat but I will pretty much try anything once.

6. I’m authentically ME and have many expressions of that. I always say “when in doubt tell the truth” and I live by that… sometimes that means sharing too much information but If it’s me and it’s my truth I don’t hide it.

7. I’ve lost sleep over the last year KNOWING that it’s time for me to expand into helping more of YOU with your calling and gifts (don’t worry, I’m not leaving my fat loss business, just EXPANDING. I’ve helped so many of you with fat loss and getting healthy… wait until I help you step into your passion too !)

Now it is YOUR turn! I am ready to help you expand YOUR brand. If you are an online brand (that want my help to expand your brand and sales) apply with me HERE!


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