Celebrate National Tequila Day With These Crafty Canned Cocktails

Celebrate National Tequila Day With These Crafty Canned Cocktails

As if you need another excuse to drink tequila. Nonetheless, here it is. This Sunday, July 24, is National Tequila Day. Given that Monday isn’t the most ideal day to be hungover, may we suggest foregoing straight tequila shots this year and opting for a canned tequila cocktail with lower ABV and exactly the sort of no-fuss, super-tasty, legit craft experience you’re looking for on a National Tequila Day Sunday? Here are ten of our favorites. Salud!

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1. Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime

New to the market, this ready-to-drink bev clocks in at 10% ABV with a thirst-quenching combination of blanco tequila and real lime juice. It’s made in Mexico and is begging to be enjoyed on a hazy summer day. Currently, it’s available in select markets with nationwide rollout in September.

[$14, 4-pack; dosequis.com]

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Three SouthNorte canned cocktails

2. SouthNorte Crafted Cocktails

Palomas, Mexican mules, and one of our favorite underappreciated tequila cocktails, the Matador (tequila, pineapple, lime, club soda), have all found a home with San Diego-based SouthNorte. The lauded maker of Mexican-style craft beers now crafts these 7% ABV premium cocktails with premium tequila and lime in all three offerings. Company brewmaster Ryan Brooks honed his craft in Baja before returning home to San Diego, so you know this casa takes the art of Mexico-inspired, canned craft cocktails seriously.

[from $12; 4-pack; drizly.com]

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Can of Madre Mezcal Madre Desert Water
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3. Madre Mezcal Madre Desert Water

Of course, tequila’s smoky cousin mezcal will be making its way onto this list. A riff on West Texas “ranch water” (tequila, lime juice, and preferably Topo Chico sparkling mineral water), Madre Mezcal’s 5% ABV Madre Desert Water is a mix of Madre Espadin mezcal, sparkling water, real fruit, plants, herbs, and no artificial flavoring or colors. Of the four current flavors, our personal favorite is Grapefruit and Yerba Santa. But grab a variety pack so you can also try the Original, Prickly Pear and Lemon, and Mushroom, Sage, and Honey.

[$20; 4-pack; drizly.com]

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