My Big Secret

My Big Secret

I kept a huge embarrassing secret: I was FAILING big time at my business a few years ago. From the outside you would have never know that but from the inside, I worked for even less than free for 2.5 years. Yup, It COST me (a lot) of time and money to run my business, I wasn’t making a dime of profit.

I was spending way more than I was earning on the WRONG people, the wrong help and it would crush me. Anyone that questioned my program fees at that time I’d want to scream at them “do you work for free?” Most people don’t. I was operating from stress and scarcity and it wasn’t working.

Why am I sharing this? Because at that time, from the outside my business was crushing it. I had the customers, the audience, but, I was not even close to … Read more

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You Are Not Too Old

You Are Not Too Old

YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD and It does NOT have to be “harder” as you age. Not Fat Loss, making more more money, starting a new business, finding that soul mate, ANY goal you are after. Stop saying “I am too old.”

Here is what IS happening and why your goals feel “harder” and like it’s “too late”

1. You stopped progressing. Yup. You stopped. For example with fat loss, you do the same workout you did 20 years ago and wonder why they aren’t working anymore. You HAVE to “progress” and change it up! Challenge yourself! It doesn’t have to be a long workout either! With your careeer or business advancement it’s the same thing! You STOPPED PROGRESSING. You got set in your ways and decided you don’t want to learn that new skill set or new “platform” because it feels like work.

2. … Read more

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Why It’s So Hard To Make Goals A Reality

Why It’s So Hard To Make Goals A Reality

Why is it dang so hard to bring your “goals” into fruition?

I am hoping this will help you! I’ve seen and shifted over and over again with clients…

DECISION. You may not have fully DECIDED it’s happening. You may be trying it on, thinking about it, wishing for it, dreaming about it, but DECIDING means it’s happening and you are level 10 committed.

You aren’t clear on WHY you want what you want. Getting clear on that driving core motivator as to why you want the goal gives you CLARITY and clarity is what helps you focus on creating it and making it a reality. Knowing your why outsmarts distractions and willpower.

False assumed truths , the wrong beliefs and especially FEAR. It’s real. It holds us back. It’s in the way. It keeps us from getting hurt, it protects … Read more

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Expanding YOUR brand

Ready to help you expand YOUR brand

I’ve shared a LOT on social over the last decade, but… you likely don’t know these things about ME (yet)

1. My career for 20 YEARS before I started Natalie Jill Fitness was is SALES (sales, then sales director then sales trainer!) I had that whole career BEFORE becoming a licensed master sports nutritionist. If you ask anyone who knows me personally what my gift is, they will tell you SALES and branding.

2. As much as I speak into personal development and mindset and visualization NOW, I thought it was “dumb” for years before realizing how much it’s needed and has changed my perspective and life! It’s now such an incredible part of what makes my fat loss programs and business/branding clients so successful. I’ve learned that those who think it’s dumb (like I once did) need it the most!

3. I … Read more

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What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

Not sure who needs to hear this tonight but YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD AND IT IS NOT TOO LATE! Just getting started over here a year before 50. Let’s GO! You can be too.

Here is the question I asked my branding client this morning and I’m asking you now too… if ANYTHING was possible for you … anything… what would you want to achieve/accomplish/step into over the next year? Stop your brain from telling you why it’s NOT possible and dream a bit.

I promise that whatever you think is NOT possible is being done by someone else right now! Let that sink in…. Someone else is going for your dream! And because they believe it is possible for them, they will achieve it.

I want YOU to have that win. I want YOU to accomplish your … Read more

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Healing Migraines, Pain, Functional Neurology and the BRAIN with Dr. Stephanie Barbakoff from Oculus Brain Center

Healing Migraines, Pain, Functional Neurology and the BRAIN with Dr. Stephanie Barbakoff from Oculus Brain Center

I had never heard of functional neurology until my hand and wrist stopped working well after my Distal Bicep Tear Repair. When I met Dr. Barbakoff and learned of Oculus Brain Center I was blown away by their approach to chronic pain, brain fog, migraines and athletic performance.

It all sounded so far out there to me until I started working with them directly on my own recovery.They opened my eyes to a whole new approach to treatments and the idea of Neuroplasticity.

You see, functional neurologists are trained to detect subtle changes in the nervous system and often times detect conditions early before they become pathological.

Dysfunction of neurological systems can occur at a level and may not be detected through advanced imaging techniques because there may not be a  pathological origin of … Read more

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Past Occasions

It is no secret that health care turns into a bigger concern for many of us as we grow older. It is a extra complicated question as every plan comes with completely different strengths and weaknesses. The purpose is to seek out the best plan to your particular needs and price range. We’d recommend you start with a big worldwide insurance coverage company with a powerful presence each within the country you will be residing in as well as your private home country. Doctors here should not poor both. They drive their Ferrari’s, Porches, Mercedes and so on and reside in three story mansions. Clearly they get quite properly paid by the Government here underneath Medicare. This isn’t a food regimen but a method of including meals to what you already eat for larger health and weight loss. There are not less than 260 million instances of COVID-19 worldwide, in … Read more

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Attention Coaches!

Attention Coaches…

One day after turning 49 and I’m already COMING OUT!!

I have been keeping a big secret! Although you see my books, my programs, etc alll about (aging, fitness, and nutrition) this is NOT ALL I AM… Wait what?! You see, It’s what I have built. It’s what I created from nothing. But that’s not all of who I Am. “Who I AM” is also someone who provides simple solutions. I am someone who gets to the root of problems quickly, identifies solutions and SIMPLIFIES them. I’m someone who helps other find their potential and possibility which then gets them powerful radical life changing results.

How do I do this?


And “sales” is not a slimy thing. It’s just done wrong a LOT and that’s why people are so uncomfortable with that word. When it’s done right, It’s a super amazing helpful skill for all parties involved! … Read more

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Others Opinions Don’t Matter

Others Opinions Don’t Matter

“Stay in your lane”
“You are too old”
“That’s a stupid idea”
“That’s ridiculous”
“You can’t afford that”
“No one would say yes to that”
“I would never do that”
“You better have a plan B”
“That is too risky”
“No one wants to hear that from you”

I’ve heard them all … and the more I share and grow, the more risk I take, the more I step into a bigger life, the more I hear it…


Others “opinions” used to run me….

Asking for approval.
Seeking approval..
Caring (way too much) what others thought.

That becomes a problem when it gets between you and your goals and vision. I’ve experience this a LOT lately as I’ve shared about my new focus and business plan.

So how do you fix this? Here is what I

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Surrender, Scars and Choice

Surrender, Scars and Choice

Almost a year ago, on my 48th bday, I got the word “surrender” tattooed on my right arm. It was my first and ONLY tattoo. I wanted that word because it means a lot to me. I know now (and knew when it became my word to live by) that surrendering is the only way for me to live. The opposite of surrender, to me, means to CONTROL and control is an illusion.

When we ‘try’ to control things, (circumstances, situations, our bodies, even people) it sets us up for disappointment, failure and sadness. We waste time chasing an illusion. And dang I lived in “control” for 48 years.

When we let go of that control, stay present and learn to accept that life happens FOR us, not TO us, there are tremendous gifts with that. Lessons, growth, peace, joy, connection, deep friendships to be found, … Read more

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Navigating Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Leah Katz

Navigating Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Leah Katz

Anxiety and Depression is a big deal in normal times. But, during quarantine, shut downs, changes and the fear or the virus and economy it is running rampant. How this affects adults and teens is eye opening.

Today, I have Dr. Leah Katz, Ph.D., She is a clinical psychologist practicing in Portland, Oregon. Originally from New York, she completed her doctorate training at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. While living in New York, Dr. Katz worked at a community clinic where she led several groups, treated individuals and couples in therapy, and taught at Stern College for Women.

She currently works in a group practice where she specializes in working with teenagers and women, with a focus on treating anxiety and depression, amongst other things. She utilizes a hybrid of cognitive behavioral, ACT, and mindfulness techniques in her therapy work. She has Read more

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Addiction Relapse and Full Recovery with Vasavi Kumar

Addiction Relapse and Full Recovery with Vasavi Kumar

An Indian immigrant born and raised in NYC, Vasavi Kumar grew up being bullied. She smoked her first cigarette at age 12, had her first drink at age 14 and when her dad didn’t like what she was up to he pulled her from all she knew and put her in private school. This did not help.

Vasavi felt too Indian for schools and friends and too American for her parents. She did not know who she was.

Looking for a way to feel connection and like she fit in. She turned to drugs and alcohol. She connected with others over getting drunk and high.

Married at 28, divorced at 32 she was still on a search to FEEL something. She shared with me that ironically, she always wanted to get high to feel connected but that when she would, she would … Read more

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When I Get Fit I Will…

“When I Get Fit I Will…”

“SOMEDAY” is a lie.

My private client shared with me today that she would launch her (GENIUS) new business idea “someday.” Actually, her exact words were “WHEN I get fit I will…” BTW her business is not even fitness related.

Do you kick the can down the road or think like this? “Someday” or when you “Get fit?”

When I get fit I’ll change my relationship
When I get fit I’ll look for that new job
When I get fit I’ll start that business
When I get fit I’ll love working out
When I get fit I’ll eat healthy
When I get fit I’ll make more money
When I get fit I’ll love myself ….

“When I get fit” is like the dangerous “someday” statement. It’s not an actual destination and it’s subjective. It kicks that can down the road and gets in the … Read more

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