Our Favorite Winter Socks for Cold-Weather Sports

Step aside, shoes. It’s time to honor socks for a change. Why? Because when you’re wearing the wrong pair in the cold, it doesn’t matter how much fun you’re supposed to be having. If your feet are miserable, so are you. Complicating matters, not every sock is ideal for every winter activity. Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, winter camping, and dogsledding all require different specs. Here are the winter socks you should be donning.

Duckworth, Midweight Hiking Crew Sock Courtesy Image

1. Duckworth Midweight Hiking Crew Sock

Best for: hiking, snowshoeing, winter camping

These American-made socks are heat-trapping, antimicrobial, itch-free, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying—which pretty much checks all the boxes for your fragile feet during winter. The natural crimp of Duckworth’s Montana-grown merino wool also features a nice springy bounce you’re sure to appreciate. We also like that the sock is designed with an athletic fit and ample cushioning … Read more

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Most Epic Snowmobile Destinations in the World

Of all the winter sports out there, few compare to the sheer thrill of a full-throttle snowmobile excursion. For serious sledders and winter adventurers, there’s nothing better than whizzing through the whipping winds and swirling flurries while taking in the scenic winter views all around them. So if you’re wondering, Where’s the most epic snowmobiling near me?, there’s no shortage of incredible destinations worth exploring—both near and far, depending on where you live.

Whether you’re into hitting powdery straightaways, getting lost in the deep backwoods, or navigating expertly groomed trails, there’s a snowmobiling spot for every type of sledneck. These designated areas cover thousands of miles and span every skill level, combining a diverse range of landscapes.

Eagle River, Wisconsin Courtesy Image

1. Eagle River, Wisconsin

Wisconsin might be best known for its dairy, lumber, and beer, but don’t let that fool you. This unassuming midwestern state is an … Read more

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2021 College Football Bowl Games: What to Watch This Year

This year’s college football bowl games begin on Dec. 17 and continue for more than three weeks, culminating with the College Football Playoff National Championship in Indianapolis, IN on Jan. 10. There are some high-stakes title bouts nestled in there, most notably the Playoff games and four other “New Year’s Six” bowls that carry some prestige (the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Peach Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl). But the rest of bowl season is fun because it’s quirky: Capable teams head to places like Mobile, AL, to play in games sponsored by mortgage companies you’ve never heard of. There’s a lot of great football to watch this time of year.



Taken together, the college football bowl season has more than 40 games, and it can be a lot to sift through. Below you’ll find a brief field guide to a handful of games worth tuning in for.

College Football Playoff: These

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The Best Waxed Canvas Jackets for Men

If the holy trinity of winter jackets—the down puffer, the wool topcoat, and the denim jacket—already has a place in your coat closet, you might think your outerwear arsenal is fit to take on the season. But if you don’t have a waxed canvas jacket in the mix, you’re missing out on a staple that has serious versatility and only gets better with age. While modern waterproof materials like Gore-Tex and DWR coatings might require less maintenance (you’ll need to re-wax your waxed cotton goods every now and then), there’s simply no competition when it comes to style. The waxed canvas jacket wins every time.



The origin of waxed canvas garments stretches back to the 17th century. Realizing that their ship’s sails caught more wind when wet, Scottish and English mariners began greasing them with fish oils: It provided the same effect, but the oils prevented the sails from absorbing … Read more

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Standout Holiday Gifts for Your Wife

What do you get for that stylish yet casual special someone who’s as comfortable launching a holiday feast as she’s kicking back in cozy slippers with a homemade Neapolitan pizza? We’re so glad you asked. Here it is—your grand slam, all-purpose lineup of the best holiday gifts for your wife, covering those very bases (and a few bonus ones) to elate the most discerning giftee.

Want to read her mind this holiday season? Wow your better half with these thoughtful (and useful!) gifts.

Courtesy Image

1. Aēsop Karst

Sure, you could just get her any perfume that floats your way via Instagram ads. But we all know that will likely elicit a weak smile. Instead, introduce her to her new signature scent: Karst from Aēsop. Notes of cumin, juniper and sandalwood capture that Big Sur escape you’ve both been dreaming of.

[$195; aesop.com]

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Find the perfect gift for your loved ones with our comprehensive gift guide for everyone on your list.
Courtesy Image

2. Zuvi Halo

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Hearty, Healthy Plant-Based Recipes That Satisfy

Winter is upon us and sometimes we all just need a hearty, comforting (yet nutritious) dish. Plant-based recipes are all the trend right now—and even if you don’t identify as a vegetarian or vegan, going meatless for a meal once or twice a week can still be a delicious option while reducing your overall meat intake and upping that vegetable quota. Dig into these five hearty, flavorful plant-based recipes; they’ll be in rotation all year long.

Breslavtsev Oleg / Shutterstock

1. Black Bean and Quinoa Falafel Bowl

Servings: 2 bowls (6 falafels each)
Prep time: 30 minutes
Total time: 1 hour


  • 1 cup quinoa, cooked and cooled
  • 1 15oz can black beans, rinsed, drained, dried
  • ¼ cup, raw or roasted pumpkin seeds
  • 5 cloves garlic skin removed, crushed
  • ½ tsp sea salt, plus more to taste
  • 1 tsp cumin, ground
  • ½ tsp coriander, ground
  • 2 Tbsp tomato paste
  • 1
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Ortovox Diract Voice Avalanche Transceiver Is a Mountaineering Must

Backcountry skiing. Snowshoeing. Snowmobiling. Mountaineering. These winter sports—aside from filling your stoke-hungry heart with pure, unadulterated joy—have something in common: a risk of avalanche. Here are some sobering stats if one of your buddies gets buried. If they don’t perish immediately from an avalanche, you have roughly 18 minutes to save them. If you manage to clear their airway in that time, the survival rate is 90 percent. If they’re buried longer, their chances of surviving drops to 40 percent. Thankfully a new avy beacon, the Ortovox Diract Voice Avalanche Transceiver, can improve those odds.

Ortovox Diract Voice makes finding an avalanche victim faster by offering voice-guided instructions through the search process. Flip the beacon from “send” to “search” mode, and it talks you through the search, with commands like: “Go to the snow surface,” “Turn around,” and “Run straight.”

Ortovox’s goal with Diract Voice was to make the … Read more

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Formula DRIFT Roars Back With 2022 Schedule

Less than a couple weeks after the 2021 Formula DRIFT PRO and Link ECU PROSPEC Championships came to an end at Southern California’s historic Irwindale Speedway, the series has speedily announced its complete 2022 schedule.

The lineup includes eight (mostly familiar) locations for the PRO series—opening with the Streets of Long Beach (April 1-2) and culminating back at Irwindale for the finals on October 14-15. Other stops along the way include Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL; Englishtown, NJ; Madison, IL; Monroe WA; and a new site for 2022—Utah Motorsports Park in Grantsville.

Formula DRIFT Is Auto Racing’s Hottest New Property

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The PROSPEC series begins at Orlando Speed World (May 20-21) with stops in Englishtown, NJ, and Madison, IL, before its final round at Utah Motorsports Park on September 16-17.

“2021 was one of the most successful years in Formula DRIFT history!” says Ryan Sage, Formula DRIFT President. “Coming off … Read more

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These Warming Whiskeys Are Like a Hug in a Rocks Glass

Summer’s balmy embrace is long gone. Winter and the holidays are barreling toward us like an out-of-control locomotive. And while a crackling fire can replace the warmth of the sun on your skin, we prefer to warm up from the inside out. Because, truthfully, there’s no greater feeling than staving off a chill with the season’s greatest warming whiskeys.

When we say whiskey, we don’t mean we’re sticking to just one category. The fall calls for Scotch, rye, and bourbon. And, when it comes to warming, this usually means a high proof.

The 50 Best Whiskeys in the World

We found your new favorite bottle.

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When we need a respite from the cold, we turn to barrel-strength and cask-strength whiskey. These are highly potent potables in the 100-plus range—the kind of heat that sets a fire in your belly and radiates warmth to your bones. But not just … Read more

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Liqueurs That'll Take Your At-home Cocktails to the Next Level

You’ve got the spirit basics covered on your bar cart—everything from warming whiskeys to top-shelf vodkas, and noteworthy tequilas. But there are also some liqueurs that are bidding for a primo spot on your cart. The very best liqueurs are complex but not cloying; suitable for sipping on their own. But they’re also diplomats—meaning they can add an extra layer to cocktails without stealing the spotlight and overpowering your favorite liquors.

The sweet concoctions in weird bottles that can be confused with maple syrup or the candy-like puckers you open once a decade need not apply to our latest curation of the very best liqueurs. These nine refined bottles are for the discerning at-home bartender.

Amaro Averna Courtesy Image

1. Amaro Averna

Amaro Averna is a bar cart classic that’s made with a closely guarded 150-year-old recipe. The traditional Sicilian way to drink it is over ice, with a squeeze … Read more

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Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in the World You and Your Dog Will Love

Finding pet-friendly hotels that are right for you and your beloved four-legged travel companion is always challenging when planning a trip. You need to find a place that accepts all pets, won’t gouge you for the furry plus-one (especially if you’re already shelling out for high-end luxury), and covers all the essentials (e.g. green space, new smells, nearby territory marking potential, etc.).

Some pet-friendly hotels are only dog-friendly. Others are only small-dog-friendly. Others still are only super-small or very-specific-type-of-dog friendly. Some charge per night or per booking for your added companion. Others require a steep deposit. It’s an extra task just tailoring the place to your specific pet—let alone figuring out how much more it’s gonna cost you.

To help you with this search, here are some of our favorite pet-friendly hotels that will warmly welcome your furry pal—equipped with ideal nearby amenities (a park or beach) for them too. … Read more

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Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D: First Custom-Fit Snow Goggles

It’s 15 degrees colder at the top of a mountain. Might even be 20. You’re breathing heavy, a combined effect of how hard you had to work to keep speed in all that snow just to get to the lift—and the excitement at how deep the white is today. You’ve rarely seen snow in the trees like that. It started falling yesterday while you were doing laps. It piled up outside the tavern after the lifts closed and just kept dumping through the night—fine, dry powder. It’s even deeper out there in the back bowls, you notice—while trapped perspiration heat from your body filters upward as you ride the lift through the morning cold. This may be the best day you’ve ever had at this hill … if only your goggles weren’t so fogged.

Sometimes snow gear feels far more complex that it needs to be. But on days like … Read more

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How to Spend a Weekend Full of Adventure in Palisade, Colorado

On the Colorado River, rugged Palisade is the perfect headquarters for a post-ride hang. The introduction of Palisade Plunge, an absolutely epic new mountain bike trail, is reason enough to visit the western Colorado town. Lucky enough, there are plenty of other great spots to get your fill of good brews, stoke, and relaxation.


Rapid Creek Cycles offers rental bikes and a $35-per-person shuttle for the 1.5-hour drive to the trailhead. The nearby town of Fruita has fantastic desert single-track at 18 Road—Zippity, PBR and Chutes and Ladders are classic trails.


Cameo Shooting Complex is a 1,700-acre facility with electronic-scoring shooting and archery bays; sporting clay ranges; and 3D archery trail loops with life-size foam targets.

5 Epic E-Mountain Bike Routes

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There are 40 wineries in the area, including five within a mile radius of town. East Orchard Mesa, Talbott Farms and Talbott’s Cider Co. … Read more

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