Six Craft Beers That’ll Add a Summer Vibe to Fall

Technically speaking, summer is over. But we’ve got six ways (and by ways, we mean craft beers) to help you get those long, sunny days to stick around a little longer. Keep reading to see what we’re drinking this fall.

Courtesy of 10 Barrel

Pub Beer | 10 Barrel Brewing Co. | Bend, OR

Set a few of 10 Barrel Brewing Co.’s lagers on ice before you fire up the mower for one last pass across the grass. When you’re done, kick your shoes off and crack open one of their 16-ounce cans.

You’ll be treated to a cold, light, crisp beer that goes down easy and keeps you coming back for more. Cheap fun? Heck yeah, we’re in.

Bench Life Beer
Courtesy of Bench Life

Bench Life | Green Bench Brewing Company | St. Petersburg, FL

The world is a complicated place these days. But no one said your beer had to … Read more

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Attention Online Brands

Attention Online Brands and Entrepreneurs

If you are the type of person who has KNOWN you are meant to make a bigger impact , attract better clients and grow your reach but you have felt that something just is not working this is for YOU.

I am getting ready to take 30 of you through my private live coaching program.

You are a strong candidate for this if:

You KNOW  it’s possible to generate so much more income  from your brand and/or social media outlet but  just need that coach and a blueprint.

You are  the type of person who believes it’s possible to launch an idea or a project  on a whim — knowing nothing — BUT you get hung up on the “how” and wonder how others do this so fast!

You know you have a powerful STORY to share but would love help crafting it, telling it … Read more

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Watch of the Week: Breitling’s Chronomat Celebrates the Legacy of Mechanical Watches

In the 1970s and 1980s, things weren’t looking so great for the tried-and-true mechanical watch. Compact, highly accurate quartz watches had flooded the market, and more and more people were taking a pass on the intricate craftsmanship of mechanical watches and opting for battery-powered options. But Swiss watchmaker Breitling wasn’t content to let the mechanical timepiece fall by the wayside. To celebrate its 100th anniversary in 1984, the brand launched the Chronomat, a mechanical watch that demonstrated a strong commitment to spring-powered watches, and it soon became an icon. Now the watchmaker has released the Chronomat B01 42, and it references everything we love about the original: It’s highly functional, offers refined styling, and brings some interesting history to your wrist.


The Chronomat name actually goes back even further than 1984. According to a press release, Breitling first attached the label to some of its watches in … Read more

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My Big Secret

My Big Secret

I kept a huge embarrassing secret: I was FAILING big time at my business a few years ago. From the outside you would have never know that but from the inside, I worked for even less than free for 2.5 years. Yup, It COST me (a lot) of time and money to run my business, I wasn’t making a dime of profit.

I was spending way more than I was earning on the WRONG people, the wrong help and it would crush me. Anyone that questioned my program fees at that time I’d want to scream at them “do you work for free?” Most people don’t. I was operating from stress and scarcity and it wasn’t working.

Why am I sharing this? Because at that time, from the outside my business was crushing it. I had the customers, the audience, but, I was not even close to … Read more

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Maker’s Mark’s Latest Release Is a Dessert in a Glass

Outside of notes like pepper and baking spice, vanilla and caramel are two of the more common flavors associated with bourbons across the board. So how difficult could it be to craft a bourbon whiskey that pays homage to these two flavors in particular?

Simply nosing the latest special release bourbon from Maker’s Mark’s Wood Finishing Series one might not immediately surmise that dialing in the very well-integrated dollops of sugary caramel and round vanilla was a complex task. But glimpsing the launch code-like name on the bottle of the 2020 Limited Release—officially designated “SE4 X PR5”—you start to get the idea that this whiskey is more complicated than these two top notes suggest.

The 50 Best Whiskeys in the World

We found your new favorite bottle.

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Serious fans of Maker’s Mark know the Loretto, KY-based distillery long resisted the whiskey industry’s trend toward limited edition bottlings and … Read more

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You Are Not Too Old

You Are Not Too Old

YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD and It does NOT have to be “harder” as you age. Not Fat Loss, making more more money, starting a new business, finding that soul mate, ANY goal you are after. Stop saying “I am too old.”

Here is what IS happening and why your goals feel “harder” and like it’s “too late”

1. You stopped progressing. Yup. You stopped. For example with fat loss, you do the same workout you did 20 years ago and wonder why they aren’t working anymore. You HAVE to “progress” and change it up! Challenge yourself! It doesn’t have to be a long workout either! With your careeer or business advancement it’s the same thing! You STOPPED PROGRESSING. You got set in your ways and decided you don’t want to learn that new skill set or new “platform” because it feels like work.

2. … Read more

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Stranahan’s 10-Year-Old ‘Mountain Angel’ Is a Testament to Great American Single Malt

One of the primary things that draws people to barrel-aged spirits like whiskey is the fact that you can’t create a whiskey in the moment. A marketing agency can feasibly dream up and bring to market a wholly new rosé expression or unaged tequila in less than a year. An industrious entrepreneur with enough money and know-how can launch a brand new gin, complete with celebrity backer and social media marketing campaign in a matter of months.

But with aged spirits there’s simply no substitute for the passage of time. A 15-year-old whiskey reflects decisions made 15 years before it was bottled, and while many decisions were made along the way—blending, for instance, has a heavy influence on the final product—whiskey is by its nature not of-the-moment. In this sense, all whiskeys are managed experiments that evolve over time, each with an expected outcome but also subject to unexpected results.… Read more

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Why It’s So Hard To Make Goals A Reality

Why It’s So Hard To Make Goals A Reality

Why is it dang so hard to bring your “goals” into fruition?

I am hoping this will help you! I’ve seen and shifted over and over again with clients…

DECISION. You may not have fully DECIDED it’s happening. You may be trying it on, thinking about it, wishing for it, dreaming about it, but DECIDING means it’s happening and you are level 10 committed.

You aren’t clear on WHY you want what you want. Getting clear on that driving core motivator as to why you want the goal gives you CLARITY and clarity is what helps you focus on creating it and making it a reality. Knowing your why outsmarts distractions and willpower.

False assumed truths , the wrong beliefs and especially FEAR. It’s real. It holds us back. It’s in the way. It keeps us from getting hurt, it protects … Read more

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How John McEnroe Is Breaking Racial, Economic, and Social Barriers to Success Through Tennis

Some guys of my generation dreamed of marrying actress Bo Derek or forming a famous rock band. Not me. As a high school tennis coach and passionate club player during tennis legend John McEnroe’s glory days, I often mused over what it must be like to play on the same court with someone of his renowned stature. I wondered if being near that level of excellence had a tactical feeling—if being close to him would raise the hair on my arm like static electricity radiating off an old CRT television screen. I had witnessed his artistry on the court from the nosebleed section at the US Open, but now I was about to bare witness up close and personal.

American Tennis Shows It Still Has Fight

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All sorts of questions swirled through my head as I made the two-hour drive to the John McEnroe Tennis Academy at … Read more

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The Best Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes to Make ASAP 

Cooking up a nice dinner? Sure. These days, even cooking up a fancy lunch for those of us still working from home seems like a nice excuse to step away from the computer for a few (hours). But for whatever reason, few of us invest nearly as much thought and effort into making something special for breakfast. But if you own an Instant Pot, you can make an impressive breakfast that takes little effort and rewards you (and anyone lucky enough to quarantine with you) with delightful, nuanced flavors. Below, we’ve rounded up some favorite Instant Pot breakfast recipes—some sweet, some savory—all proof that breakfast really is the most wonderful, and important, meal of the day.

(For more easy Instant Pot recipes, check out 5 Instant Pot Dinner Recipes We’ll Be Making All Year Long.)

Britt Berlin’s (The Banana Diaries) Instant Pot Vegan Protein Zucchini Bread

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Trying to Surf in Yemen at the Start of the Global War on Terror Was Not as Dumb as it Sounds

The following is an excerpt from the book Reports From Hell, a gonzo ride through the Middle East with Chas Smith, the award-winning author of Welcome to Paradise, Now Go To Hell. In this chapter, our fearless correspondent arrives in Yemen in 2003, looking to answer the one question literally no surfer had ever asked: Were there any waves in Osama Bin Laden’s ancestral home?

We treat al-Mukullah over the next ten days the way sloppy Germans, Danes, and Poles treat Mallorca, ambling around in the heat of the day between shops that sell ice-cream and internet cafés, driving out to the wave for a surf, driving back for a massive chicken lunch, driving out to the wave for an evening surf, driving back for a dinner of fried fish balls and banana mush next to the mosque.

Major Ghamdan mostly stayed in his room as far as I … Read more

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10 Remote Airbnb Listings for Social Distancing

With COVID-19 concerns still looming, Americans are changing the way they travel, or plan to travel in the future. People are skipping busy airports and train terminals in favor of road trips and camping experiences. Instead of crowded tourism destinations, they’re focusing on hidden gems and lesser-known locales. Even business travel and group conferences have transitioned to virtual formats. Countless hotels and resorts across the country have already begun implementing new sanitation protocols and increased safety precautions. But many travelers are opting for private home rentals in lieu of traditional hotel stays. In fact, despite travel advisories and say-at-home orders, Airbnb reported a surge in bookings this summer. Hosts in rural areas earned more than $200 million in June, indicating a staggering 25 percent increase compared to the previous year. And the trend is only expected to continue in the months to come.

9 Unique National Parks You’ve Probably

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Easy-Drinking Whiskey Cocktails to Toast the End of Summer

Summer comes to an end at different times in different places—and at different times for different people. Seasonal transitions can pose some problems, particularly when trying to slap together a no-hassle cocktail or two. So we did the work for you with three easy whiskey cocktails.

20 Cocktail Recipes Every Man Should Know How to Make

From a classic martini to the perfect Manhattan, there are a few key drinks you need in your enterta…

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Here are three supremely flexible drinks for every part of the final summer days (and nights). With just a few ingredients, a single glass, and a stir or a smash, you can welcome the cooler weather with a refreshing toast.

Maker's Mark WatermelonBasilJulep
Courtesy image

For the “Bonus” Dog Days: The Summer Garden

Takuma Watanabe of Angel’s Share in New York City has a delicious concoction of bourbon and things you wish were coming right out … Read more

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