Logan Paul on His Fans, Punching Mayweather, and 'Making History'

Let’s get ready to rumble! On June 6, social media star and newly minted boxer Logan Paul will take on Floyd Mayweather and his pristine 50–0 record in Miami. Although it’s an exhibition bout (Paul will outweigh Mayweather by approximately 40 pounds, with an additional 6 inches of height), it will have major implications for a sport that’s struggled in recent years: With his legions of fans and knack for entertaining, Paul might be just what boxing needs to claw its way back to relevance. As for taking on one of the most talented fighters in a generation? Paul’s not letting that put a dent in his confidence.

“I’m going to have a great night,” he tells Men’s Journal. “I was ready for this fight last week.” Here are Logan’s final thoughts before he steps into the ring.



Men’s Journal: Do you have a message for your fans?

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The Best Men's Blazers and Sports Jackets for Any Occasion

If there’s one piece that’s essential to a man’s wardrobe, it’s a suit. But the stylish man has gone beyond the basic navy and charcoal grey and added standalone blazers and sports jackets to his outerwear arsenal. Why? They’re an essential for the office, a slam dunk for impressing dates, and perfect for looking sharp for just about any occasion.



Trends to Know

Add a small variety of jackets to your closet, and you’ll get a huge array of options that you can dress up or down. Here are a few of the biggest trends to look out for.

Patch Pockets: All the major brands are creating jackets with patch pockets. They most often accompany an unstructured design, and they add a bit of casual flair—great if you want a more laid-back, breezy look.

Green: No, green isn’t the new black, but we’ve sure seen a lot of it. Army … Read more

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How Logan Paul Is Training to Take on Floyd Mayweather

The biggest night of Logan Paul’s life is coming up on June 6. At Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, he’ll step into the ring to face Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers of the modern era. In a career that stretches over two decades and includes a stack of world titles, Mayweather has amassed a perfect 50–0 record. Paul has his work cut out for him, to say the least. But when we caught up with him recently, it was clear he’s not just training hard. He’s working like his life depends on it.

“When you get presented with an opportunity of this magnitude, you gotta work as hard as you possibly can to capitalize on it,” Paul tells Men’s Journal.



The work started eight months ago, and hasn’t let up since. To help him, Paul has tapped renowned boxing trainer Milton Lacroix, who also prepped him for his … Read more

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June Streaming Guide: What to Watch on Netflix, Disney Plus, and More

It’s a tale as old as time: What to watch? Okay, maybe it’s just a question we find ourselves asking in recent years since the explosion of streaming services. In June 2021, there’s no shortage of stellar shows, movies, and series.

Kevin Hart makes us laugh and cry in Fatherhood, Tom Hiddleston goes high-key with Loki, Rose Byrne gets Physical, and more. What to watch isn’t the question. It’s how much time do you have?



What To Watch On Netflix: June 2021

In Fatherhood (Netflix, June 18), Kevin Hart plays Matt Logelin, who becomes a widower and a new father in one fell swoop when his wife dies after delivering their daughter. Facing the biggest challenge of his life while still grieving, the dedicated dad deals with diapers, dating, and a lot of unsolicited advice in a dramedy that tugs the heartstrings without pulling its punchlines. With an … Read more

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7 Refreshing Spritzes Perfect for Summer Sipping

Think of spritzes and the Italian classics flash to mind. The most famous of them all is the orange-hued Aperol spritz, a slightly sweet aperitif with a bitter bite that originated in northern Italy. But along the Amalfi Coast, where lemons grow as large as grapefruits, the summertime sipper of choice is a limoncello spritz. It’s tart and bright, and comes together easily with a combination of limoncello, prosecco, and soda water served in oversized wine glasses on ice and garnished with juicy lemons.



These iconic Italian spritzes provide solid inspiration for wine-based cocktails you can make on your own for an at-home happy hour. Loosely defined, a spritz has three building blocks: Something bubbly, something bitter, and a splash of soda, which give bartenders ample creative freedom to concoct effervescent porch pounders and poolside sips.

Here are seven refreshing riffs on spritzes that bartenders love for warm-weather drinking.


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Best Metabolism Booster To Burn Your Body Fat Faster

All of us are well aware that a healthy lifestyle mainly relies on a balanced diet, ample workouts, and sufficient sleep. But most of us are unable to maintain that kind of lifestyle because of our hectic routines.

However, ignorance regarding your health might lead to undesired issues like obesity. And just like the weight is not gained overnight, you can not lose weight overnight.

A consistent workout and restrictive diet plan are required to burn fat, but again, the daily drudgery becomes a hindrance. So, what to do? Very simple. Opt for a metabolism booster supplement.

Yes, you read it just right. Metabolism boosting supplements can prove to be a great help in this regard since a boosted metabolism results in the fast burning of fats and carbohydrates, which leads to energy production. So, it doesn’t just help you lose weight, but it also levels up your energy.

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Prince Philip's Timeless Bodyweight Workout That Birthed Modern Fitness Routines

Prince Philip was spry and walking without a cane right up until he died at 99 in April. What kept him walking tall? It was probably 5BX, the original functional fitness routine. Standing for Five Basic Exercises, it’s an 11-minute workout created for the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1956.

“[It] is designed to show you how to develop and hold a high level of physical fitness, regardless of where you are located,” reads the introduction booklet to the workout. “The 5BX Plan puts physical fitness within reach of every member of the RCAF.”

Several sources report the Duke of Edinburgh completed the simple regime of equipment-free exercises on a daily basis—the workout even made an appearance in an episode of The Crown, a Netflix series about the reign of Prince Philip’s wife, Queen Elizabeth II.


Canadian Bill Orban developed the routine based on research he conducted at … Read more

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The Biggest Blockbusters of Summer 2021 You Can't Miss

Once upon a time, a film reaching theaters and your home at the same time sounded crazy, like having to personally educate your kids because they couldn’t go to school for an entire year. Now it’s a reality. Here are a handful of summer 2021 blockbusters hitting the big screens and streaming simultaneously. You can keep up with the new, even if it means making your own popcorn.



The Biggest Blockbusters of Summer 2021 You Can’t Miss

Space Jam: A New Legacy 

Expected Release Date: July 16

Benefits of being a LeBron teammate: You get to win a title and appear in a Space Jam reboot! (Get him something nice, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma.) In reviving Michael Jordan’s original, King James brings together Don Cheadle, Foghorn Leghorn, and lots more actors, athletes, and animated characters.

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From left: David Dastmalchian as Polka-Dot Man, John Cena as Peacemaker, Idris
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These NFL Rookies Are Ready for Breakout Seasons in 2021

The NFL Draft is a long-term proposition for the league’s 32 teams, who are mostly looking years down the road when they pick a new batch of prospects. But for the NFL rookies themselves, there’s no better time than the present to start making an impact. In fact, most good teams rely on rookie contributors during their first seasons in the league.



Every team hopes their top draft pick makes a mark sooner rather than later, but jumping into the NFL and contributing from day one is no easy feat. Nevertheless, these six rookies seem poised to be really good, really quickly in the upcoming 2021 season.

The 10 Best Exercises for Football Players

Forge new explosive ability, defend against injury, and improve your coordination with these essenti…

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Kyle Pitts, Atlanta Falcons tight end

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2021 MLB Season: No-Hitters, Hot Rivalries, and a New Babe Ruth

The MLB season is full of arbitrary time markers. The halfway point is generally considered to be whenever the All-Star Break is, even though it doesn’t usually take place at the actual halfway point of the season. And there’s the quarter pole, which we’ll consider to be the point when every team has played at least 40 games in a 162-game season. That’s about where we are now: Every club hit the 40-game mark by the end of the third week in May. So how are things looking?



We’re now far enough into the 2021 MLB season to have some sense of the storylines that will define this year in the history books. Here are four big ones.

Mike Trout's 2021 Season Will Go Down in History

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The Year of the No-Hitter

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Buffalo Trace Releasing Rare E.H. Taylor Warehouse C Bourbon Next Month

Buffalo Trace distillery is releasing a rare, once-in-a-lifetime bourbon next month: a 10-year small batch made entirely in barrels taken from its famous Warehouse C built in the 1880s. Colonel E.H. Taylor Warehouse C Bourbon is 10 years old, and will be released bottled in bond at 100 proof. For fans of the brand, this is a welcome surprise—and another great tip of the hat to a bourbon legend.



Buffalo Trace’s legacy is sewn together by a lot of threads that originated with Col. Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., the namesake of one Buffalo Trace brand. Taylor built O.F.C. Distillery, which would later be purchased by George T. Stagg and eventually Sazerac—at which point it became the Buffalo Trace distillery. He was also a major proponent and activist for the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, which is rightfully credited as one of American whiskey’s most important historic milestones.

Why E.H.

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Best HGH Supplements to Boost Your HGH Levels Naturally

HGH – or Human Growth Hormone – supplements are quickly rising in popularity around the world today due to the various health benefits they offer users. Not only are these hgh supplements used to promote weight loss and muscle gain, but they can also be used to boost energy levels and take years off your appearance. 

While you can opt for HGH injections if you want to, using hgh supplements is often considered to be more affordable and convenient than injections. Also, in some ways, human growth hormone supplements are considered to be the safer option when it comes to supplying your body with HGH. Also, HGH is not a dietary supplement that mainly focuses on weight loss. 

Instead, HGH supplements target your body in several ways and allow you to get fitter physically. In the following sections, we will discuss and review some of the best HGH supplements and Read more

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Flying Dog Brewery Releasing Limited Edition Saltwater Taffy IPA

Those who summered on the Eastern Shore, specifically along the beach-front boardwalks of Maryland and Delaware, are intimately familiar with Dolle’s saltwater taffy. This beach-town institution has been selling the sweet treat to locals and tourists alike since 1910—subsequently becoming the bane of dentists by threatening to remove fillings of those addicted to the tasty taffy. Now, Flying Dog Brewery, known for its award-winning Pale Ale and often-outlandish sudsy brews, has teamed up with the iconic candy maker to produce a limited run of Saltwater Taffy IPA.



Part of Flying Dog’s Brewhouse Rarites collection, the new IPA is based on the flavors of Dolle’s lemon saltwater taffy—freshly squeezed lemons and citrus hops with rich notes of vanilla—and packs 7.6% ABV (alcohol by volume).

“Our team loves coming up with surprising flavors to wow consumers and when we can do that while partnering with local legends like Dolle’s, it makes it … Read more

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