Busting Through Negative Beliefs

Busting Through Negative Beliefs

Busting Through Negative Beliefs

Aging in reverse!

Getting older does NOT have to mean: Flat butts, Slowed down metabolism, more stored fat, and loss of strength.

Growing older CAN mean what you DECIDE you want it to mean.

Hey, I am 49 and I too have been guilty at times of buying into the belief that aging sucks. But it does not have too!

After one too many injuries last year I refused to believe that I am washed up at 49. Instead, I got ULTRA curious and DECIDED that I get to practice what I preach. There is ALWAYS a way to step into a better version of ourselves.

I DECIDED that I was done with injuries. I DECIDED that I was DONE with the negative body changes and I DECIDED I was done with pain. I am a student AGAIN

My goal this last 6 weeks has been:

  • Regain strength post injuries
  • Build a strong backside (booty)…


About the booty goal: it’s not just because it LOOKS better, but because it is functionally better FOR US to have strong glute muscles. Strong glutes take so much pressure off our lower backs (this is rarely talked about!) I have had TWO back surgeries from ruptured disc and NOTHING has reduced the level of pain more than a combination of my anti inflammatory diet and building my glutes.

My formula:

  • Dropping “false assumed truths” aka F.A.T – the belief that I am too old and too late
  • Anti inflammatory diet
  • Adding a LOT more protein and the right carbs to help with muscle growth
  • Training Glutes HARD. Progression, intensity, and FOCUS. AND getting help here
  • Consistency
  • Taking recovery seriously! Infrared, accupressure mat, and my do it yourself new massage wand


This video? Filmed this morning… 6 weeks into my new consistent booty building focus. Not quite yet the “shelf life” or “bubble butt” I am after but I am getting there!

What “belief” that is no longer serving you do YOU need to drop?

What do YOU want to focus on changing?

It starts with a DECISION. Have you “decided?”


Natalie Jill

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