Best Home Decor to Turn Your Living Room Into a Zen Den

Best Home Decor to Turn Your Living Room Into a Zen Den

What makes home home? Sure, rooms need to be anchored by furniture—the big-ticket items like beds, sofas, tables, and chairs—to make a space functional and livable. But when you think about what makes a space feel lived in, it’s how you furnish with home decor. And there’s no space where that rings truest than the living room.

Home decor provides not just finishing touches, but creature comforts. Accessories that tap into our sense of touch and smell elevate a space, injecting personal touches with the ability to transcend time and space. A specific scent can unfurl tension when you walk in the door or bring you back to a beloved hotel or coastal escape. Pillows and blankets turn a couch into your own personal refuge. And an art-enabled smart TV makes an otherwise lifeless object more animated and dynamic.

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We’ve put together a short list of living room home decor that can transform your space—no home reno necessary. We’ll continue to update as we review more products, but thus far these are the items we’ve given top marks and, quite frankly, can’t live without.

Home Decor to Turn Your Living Room Into a Zen Den

House of Leon Teddy Sphere Pillow
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House of Léon Teddy Sphere Pillow

We can’t get enough of House of Léon’s Ojai collection. It’s airy yet warm, cool yet not impersonal. It strikes all the right cords for a neutral aesthetic (think lots of oak wood, cream, and subdued sage, rose pink, and tan). If you’re not in the market for a natural-edge marble coffee table or sofa, add some texture with the brand’s Teddy Sphere Pillow. Available in two sizes, these are an unexpected, playful accent to add to a love seat or L-shaped sofa.

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