Best Camping Trailers for Off-Road Adventures

Best Camping Trailers for Off-Road Adventures

At some point in your life, you might find yourself in a predicament. You like to camp and spend time outdoors, but the notion of sleeping on the ground in a tent that barely keeps the rain out has lost its luster. Going full RV might be overkill. You don’t want to sit in an air-conditioned living room and watch a flat screen in the middle of the woods. So what’s the solution? Camping trailers. They offer the most important luxuries of an RV (comfy bed, kitchen); they’re rugged yet refined.

The pop-up camper has been a staple for decades, but a new generation of tow-behinds is redefining the category. Today’s camping trailers are sleek, nimble, and built to handle rugged terrain while accommodating your adventurous lifestyle. Here are our favorite camping trailers and towables that will help you get deeper into the backcountry without sacrificing comfort.

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1. Sylvan Sport VAST

Sylvan Sport created waves with GO, a utilitarian trailer that could haul gear and serve as a pop-up camper. It was innovative, but VAST is a far more refined option—loaded with all the luxuries you could want from an RV with plenty of gear storage capacity. The interior is decked out with two queen beds, one of which lowers from the ceiling by a motorized lift system. The second converts from the L-shaped couch. The kitchen can be used either inside or outside thanks to a slide-out design, while a large retractable awning and big windows further blend indoor/outdoor space. Built-in rails on the side of the trailer allow you to store kayaks or surfboards while a rear garage can hold bikes and extra gear. An interior toilet and exterior shower round out the amenities.

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