Lowering cholesterol protects your heart and brain, regardless of your age

High or abnormal cholesterol levels, inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction play a key role in atherosclerosis and plaque buildup, the most common cause of heart attacks and strokes. (Endothelial dysfunction refers to impaired functioning of the inner lining of blood vessels on the heart’s surface. It results in these vessels inappropriately narrowing instead of widening, which limits blood flow.) There are many different types of cholesterol, including high density lipoprotein (HDL, or good, cholesterol); triglycerides (a byproduct of excess calories consumed, which are stored as fat); and low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or bad cholesterol).

It’s well established that lowering LDL cholesterol, sometimes regardless of whether or not you have high cholesterol, improves cardiovascular outcomes. But do older adults reap the same benefits from lowering cholesterol, and do they face additional risks?

Lowering LDL reduces cardiovascular risk

Studies have consistently shown that lowering LDL cholesterol reduces the risk of cardiovascular death, heart attacks, … Read more

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Supercharge Your Skin With the Best Night Creams for Every Skin Type

It’s one thing to have a dedicated moisturizer—which is one of the essential skincare products, up there with a cleanser and exfoliator. But it’s another thing entirely to have a dedicated night cream, and to use it in place of your daytime one.

The reasoning is simple: You may not need the same defenses at night time as you would during the day (against UV rays and pollution), but moreover, your slumber is the best time to charge your skin and treat it with targeted ingredients. That’s because your body regenerates itself while you sleep, and your skin cells turn over quickly. This means that if you apply the right products for your specific needs, you’ll maximize and expedite their benefits, especially if you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep and staying hydrated and healthy.

Night creams tend to be denser than their daytime counterparts, both physically and in terms of … Read more

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Gift Cards & Coupons For Sale

GeoBlue offers well being plans that power intellectually curious travelers in each nook of the world. Ah, okay, I was confused by what you meant be inherent. Indeed, humans are superior at innovation, and you are proper, but I don’t see why innovation makes us better than others. People are the most effective at innovation only because we want innovation to survive, we can’t use our inherent and pure abilities to survive as a result of we won’t use them. From the dawn of time, people at all times used instruments as a result of we would have liked them essentially the most, and this is why we’re so good at innovation. People who are younger and naturally have an intake of the every day proportion worth of the vitamin “Zinc” which is 15mg most definitely will repel and never contract the Coronvirus. Zinc is a natural deterrent of the … Read more

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Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are painful, unpleasant, and, um, well, difficult to talk about. But they actually are quite common: about half of people over age 50 have had them. However, they’re easy to treat and manage.

“Hemorrhoids can be troublesome and embarrassing, but they often shrink on their own with simple self-help care and over-the-counter remedies,” says Dr. Howard LeWine, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins near the anus. Common symptoms are rectal pain, itching, bleeding, and occasional protruding veins outside the anus.

There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. You can have either type by itself, or both at the same time.

Internal hemorrhoids. These form inside the anal canal and usually are painless. However, they may cause intermittent bleeding with bowel movements, and sometimes discharge mucus. Internal hemorrhoids also can protrude outside the anus and look like small, … Read more

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Wilderness Travel Advice From an Adventure Racing Legend

Few modern endurance athletes have traveled across wild lands by as many means of outdoor activity as Nathan Fa’avae. Credit that effective movement across various environments and sport disciplines to the home base. Fa’avae lives on the South Island of New Zealand. There, he says locals jokingly liken the area—where it seems nearly all of the island’s one million-plus residents carry kayaks, surfboards, skis, or climbing gear in their cars year-round—to one big adventure club. Fa’avae grew up connected to the outdoors: camping, fishing, diving for food, and cooking over fires on the beach with his family. By his late teens, Fa’avae knew he wanted to be an adventure professional and studied for work as an outdoor educator, learning the ropes in sports like rock climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking (the latter of which he raced semi-professionally, qualifying to represent New Zealand in the 1996 Summer Olympics, though he … Read more

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Alhamdulillah … Rupiah Strengthens With The News Of Corona Vaccine Discovery

While we think about female lack of want and women’s health information on carcinogens in cigarettes place a risk to everyone, our world’s women are over twice as doubtless as males to get aggressive sorts of lung cancer and extra prone to set up it at an earlier age. By analyzing blood from the more than 1,000 examine volunteers, researchers have been capable of determine that the vaccine appeared to cause their our bodies to supply virus-preventing antibodies, that are proteins launched by the physique to neutralize invading viruses. An early prognosis of Alzheimer’s disease can enhance the chance of potential benefits from authorized medications. It additionally allows that person to take part in health care, monetary and legal choices. Human intelligence has led to their excessive expansive growth, not to mention elimination of other species, apparently not capable of innovate their manner into surviving human encroachment. The passenger pigeon … Read more

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Want to feel more connected? Practice empathy

Do you ever wish that a certain person in your life would make the effort to truly understand where you’re coming from? That ability — being empathic — comes more easily to some people than to others. Empathy helps people get along with others, from loved ones to strangers. So it’s worth considering your own aptitude for empathy, which you can hone just like any other skill.

“While either genetic proclivity or our upbringing makes some people naturally empathic, empathy can be cultivated at any point in our lives,” says Dr. Ronald Siegal, PsyD, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. Empathy helps us understand other people, so we feel more connected and able to help one another through difficult times, he adds.

What is empathy?

Empathy is a key aspect of emotional intelligence, which also includes the ability to identify and regulate one’s own emotions, and to use … Read more

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Should You Pony Up and Buy a Peloton Bike+? Here's What Men Should Know

On Tuesday, I went to the butt museum. On Friday, I went to the club. And by Sunday, I was in the Caribbean. How does that work in a pandemic? I’m alone in my living room on a Peloton Bike+, and I’m having the time of my life. Desperate times, you say? In a way, yes, but saddling up on this machine—smiling at instructors’ affirmations, acquiescing to their challenges to achieve “glazed donut status” STAT, huffing in my Brooklyn walkup as passersby on the street see me maniacally spinning—has brought me a lot of joy, and kicked my ass far more than I anticipated over the last four months.



You probably clicked on this because you’re looking to invest in cardio equipment for your home gym. Stationary bikes might be firmly hedged in your mind as being both female oriented and dominated. But trust me, the newest … Read more

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VH1 Host to Rock Bottom to Working with the Biggest Names on PR with Jen Gottlieb

VH1 Host to Rock Bottom to Working with the Biggest Names on PR with Jen Gottlieb

Jen Gottlieb, Co-founder and Chief Mindset Officer for the acclaimed PR company, Super Connector Media (SCM), uses her decade of performance and mindset experience to help entrepreneurs connect with the media so they can share their knowledge with the masses.

Former VH1 host and Broadway actress, Jen Gottlieb began coaching others the tips and tricks that led her to a successful career on TV and on stages. She then collaborated with her partner, Chris Winfield, to create Super Connector Media, a full service PR agency which was recently awarded “Best New Agency” in the 2019 Bulldog Awards. She also co-hosts SCM’s “Unfair Advantage Live,” the world’s premier publicity event connecting entrepreneurs to the media.

Jen combines her passion for giving back with her mindset coaching to help industry leaders gain the confidence and knowledge … Read more

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Over 11,000 People Signal Petition In opposition to SAG

Vladimir Putin says Russia has developed the first vaccine offering immunity from coronavirus – and he’s tested it on his daughter. The 2020 Digital Health a hundred and fifty cohort highlights startups that are reimagining the traces of the traditional healthcare experience throughout 12 classes, from Digital Care Supply and Medical Trials, to Drug Discovery and Specialty Care. Nations represented this 12 months embody Canada, China, Israel, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others. The transfer paves the way in which for mass inoculation even as the ultimate stages of scientific trials to test security and efficacy continue. Sure it IS. Obama”care” mustn’t have been applied in the first place. Americans are mandated to take this insidious plan. Obama should have mind his personal enterprise and left our health care the way in which it presently is. If your life’s journey is taking you additional afield, we’re … Read more

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At-Home Leg Workouts That Prove You Don't Need a Full Gym to Get Results

Leg days are typically the most demanding for lifters—and also the most effective. Because you’re hitting some of the biggest muscles in your body, these workouts generate the greatest hormonal response, sending your testosterone levels through the roof. But if you don’t have access to a full gym—squat rack, barbell, plates, machines—you’ve got to get creative. You might not be able to build the kind of mass that, say, heavy squats and deadlifts create, but you can get some great conditioning and build muscle with at-home leg workouts.



For those reasons, it’s useful to make do with what you’ve got—even if it’s just free weights and a bench. What matters most is that you’re still training the lower body well, hard, and consistently. Try these at-home leg workouts on for size. Muster up some gumption, because these are killer.

This Might Be the Hardest Dumbbell Workout You Ever Try


Read more

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Male Fertility And Sexual Health Program

The health care plan that President Obama has proposes will do nothing to resolve our health care crisis. Palmieri is now CEO and president of Aspira Women’s Well being, which uses FDA cleared algorithms to evaluate ovarian cancer risk from a easy blood take a look at. Ovarian cancer has a better than 50{cca0cc7c4b81236e0d96d7a0b06af69f647318c37acb42646aafbd7d3abba764} mortality rate, which is alarmingly excessive, particularly when in comparison with male cancers, similar to prostate and testicular cancer, which have a 2-5{cca0cc7c4b81236e0d96d7a0b06af69f647318c37acb42646aafbd7d3abba764} mortality price. Regardless of this statistic, for those who catch Ovarian most cancers at Stage One or Two, the survival rate is far greater, 70{cca0cc7c4b81236e0d96d7a0b06af69f647318c37acb42646aafbd7d3abba764} to ninety{cca0cc7c4b81236e0d96d7a0b06af69f647318c37acb42646aafbd7d3abba764},” stated Palmieri. We are able to detect Ovarian most cancers threat with ninety eight{cca0cc7c4b81236e0d96d7a0b06af69f647318c37acb42646aafbd7d3abba764} sensitivity with ultrasound at early stage, whereas the standard of care (CA125), only catches 50{cca0cc7c4b81236e0d96d7a0b06af69f647318c37acb42646aafbd7d3abba764} to 60{cca0cc7c4b81236e0d96d7a0b06af69f647318c37acb42646aafbd7d3abba764} of early-stage disease.” This expertise does cost more than the current standard of care, however … Read more

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Grandparenting: Anticipating March 11

March 11th, 2020 — or was it March 12th, or a few days before or beyond that? Each of us has a date and time etched in our minds when we knew that the COVID-19 pandemic was upon us. Now, the anniversary of that date is fast approaching. What, if anything, do we do to mark it? And how do we convey our thoughts and feelings about this milestone to our grandchildren?

Anyone who has reached grandparenthood has collected anniversaries along the way. There are anniversaries of joyful occasions, and ones that serve as painful reminders of loss. There are the personal anniversaries — the births and deaths of loved ones — and public ones, including 9/11, the moon landing, and (for those of us in our mid-60s and older) the deaths of JFK, RFK, and MLK. For many of us, the upcoming anniversary of the pandemic has elements of … Read more

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